The Art’s Room is an artistic “tiny house" that will serve as a collaborative expressive arts space where Anne Plaisance, a visual artist, working with residents at Transition House in Cambridge, Ma, USA, can visualize and share aspirations for a safe and peaceful home. 

The project received the 2016 LCC grant from the Cambridge Arts Council, funded by both the Massachussets Cultural Council and the City of Cambridge.

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Below are the Community Supported Art Shares pictures, artworks realised in 2016 thanks to the Grant received from the Cambridge Arts Council

(50 artworks in total) - it's the first part of the Art' room project.  I decided to draw and represent famous and successful women who had experienced homelessness in their life: Hilary Swank, Marianne Faithfull, Halle Berry, Shania Twain, Ella Fitzgerald,  Jennifer Lopez and Suze Orman. 

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