Anne Plaisance, is a french visual artist living in the US near Boston. 

She focuses on women empowerment and social justice.

Plaisance took part in more than 100 exhibitions in the USA, Europeand Asia, received several prizes and prestigious grants.

Featured on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, her works are in private collections

(USA, France, Poland, Belgium, UK, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, etc..)

Wonder Women Now project

an International Art Project to empower Women 

Wonder Women Now addresses the issue of domestic violence in the world. 

It gives hope, inspiration, and empowers survivors. 

 It consists of a multi-sensory art exhibition and an international tour (2022-2025). 

 This interactive art exhibition will make you walk through the heroic journey of celebrities
 women and children who reclaimed their power and became thrivers. 
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Next exhibition

The Blue Notebooks 

Art Complex Museum

May 1-September 04, 2022

Duxbury, MA, USA

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