My brush is my sword

An iron hand in a velvet glove. That’s my art. That’s me. I’m not interested in pretty pictures for the sake of it, life is too short. I put my anger, gratitude, love, greed for life and hate together, I mix them, and shout visually (or sing) what I can’t tell with words. I extract my fears, demons, my rage against the social injustice: my brush is my sword.

I use a diverse array of media, constantly evolving: painting, installation, sculpture, collages, sketchbooks and video, paper, canvas, cloth, tears, dolls, Louis Vuitton bags, clay, barbed wire, old 18th century missal, maps, furniture, whatever I find that can express the non intelligible.

The Art's room project

is a socially engaged project with homeless women,  survivors of domestic violence


is an art installation regarding child sexual abuse

Born to 

is an anthropological painted diary of a woman's journey

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