Picture by Georg van der Weyden

Anne Plaisance, is a free and passionate

personality: freedom in means as well as 

in subjects (women and society, memories, 

consumption society criticism, etc..). 

Under the apparent aesthetic of her artworks, 

the brutality of the message, by contrast, is 

frapping and questioning the viewer. Her art is 

like and iron fist in a velvet glove. 

Her works can be found in private collections 

in France, USA, Japan, Finland, Great Britain, 

Belgium, Poland, Germany, and Switzerland 

among others.

She took part in more than 80 

exhibitions in Europe and in the USA.

Anne Plaisance cv and artist statement:


Anne Plaisance-cv-march 2017 for web.pdf Anne Plaisance-cv-march 2017 for web.pdf
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Anne Plaisance artist statement.pdf Anne Plaisance artist statement.pdf
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